VIP Life Insurance


VIP BLUE is a master life insurance broker (MGA) specialized in bringing its customers the best products and insurance companies in the international market. We work in open-architecture with 20 of the largest international insurers – US and offshore, and we have more than 100 different products available, covering every situation and objective. We always represent the interests of our customers, and we guarantee to offer the best cost-benefit and service in the market; added to over 20 years of experience and over $1 Billion contracted coverage.

We have all types of life insurance available, such as Universal Life, Term, Financed, etc. We insure clients from 18 to 85 years of age, with coverage from U$500,000 to U$100MM+. We exclusively offer the “comparison shopping” in our process, where we only use a medical exam to quote with several insurance companies.

Our team knows the needs of the Brazilian market in depth, both in the regulatory and fiscal aspects, and we exclusively offer the legal opinion of Machado Meyer Advogados, covering the entire process of contracting, structuring and receiving international life insurance benefits.

We have exclusivity in premium financing insurance, both offshore and American, using our partnerships with JP Morgan, HSBC, Santander, among others. Premium financing is today the most competitive modality on the market, accounting for more than 90% of life insurance sold in Asia, for example. (Minimum coverage U$5MM).

For customers looking for lifetime products and dollar accumulation, Universal Life insurance has a highly competitive return (typically over 6% per year with principal protected), and is now considered a highly competitive investment.

VIP BLUE accompanies its customers from product presentation to after-sales, with annual reviews. We do not charge anything to our clients, we are remunerated by the insurers only after closing.

Our clients seek to ensure that their successions are fiscally efficient, wealth protected, conflict-free and extremely liquid; and VIP BLUE guarantees to bring cost-effectiveness, specialized advice and the best insurance companies on the market.

Main Advantages

  • Low cost and long-term value preservation.
  • Full tax exemption for beneficiaries.
  • They do not enter the estate process, they can be distributed outside the legitimate rules (perfect for inheritance equalization, second family, buy-sell between partners, key-man etc).
  • Property protection guaranteed by law in both premiums and benefits.
  • Asset not correlated with the family’s other financial and operational investments.
  • Fast, hassle-free payments in any jurisdiction recipients choose.


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