VIP BLUE is a leader in the planing market, present in Brazil, Latin America, USA, Caribbean and Europe for over 25 years.

VIP BLUE is an MGA (Master General Agency) and Master Brokerage of insurance, international investments and Real Estate, which represents its clients with total independence.

VIP BLUE has agreements with the main international insurance companies, onshore and offshore, with access to all types of insurance and dozens of products available in the market.

VIP BLUE does not charge for it's services, and we guarantee our clients solutions tailored to their needs for international and national health insurance, international and national life insurance, wealth planning, fortune planning and succession planning with the best in the market. We highly value our relationship with our clients and agents, which are proud to serve them with our exceptional service, a key factor or our success.

VIP BLUE believes that serving the public, as a Master General Agency and Master Brokerage, is an honorable occupation, affording us a special opportunity to serve society and offer valuable products and services to the public. We believe that as a Master General Agency and Master Brokerage, we are serving the interests of our clients by responding to their expressed needs. We will strive to further the public's understanding of our products and services and endeavor to promote conscious decisions.