International Health Insurance


VIP BLUE as a Master General Agency(MGA) represents all insurance companies on the market, so we can adjust to your budget.

It can be individual, family or corporate and It has options that help you create an insurance policy perfectly adapted to your family’s needs, offering the guarantee of comprehensive coverage.

Products with outpatient and hospital coverage or only hospital coverage or only serious illnesses anywhere in the world with up to unlimited coverage and lifetime renewal (only the customer can cancel the policy).

Eligibility for international health insurance is any client leaving at the time of application outside the USA and for expat health insurance any client that has a foreign nationality outside the country of residency.

Access to free choice of doctors, hospitals and providers anywhere in the world. With coverages like ICU, private room, emergency room, complementary therapies, prescription drug, annual executive checkup (or a DNA Analysis and Mapping), ground and air ambulance, Alzheimer, elective surgery, cancer treatments and medicines, coverage for organ transplants, pandemic, home-care, professional and hobby sports, second medical opinion from the insurer, for children born under the policy will be free exemption from payment for the first 5 or 10 years, HIV, prosthesis, autism treatment, allergy treatment, bariatric surgery, fertility and much more.


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